Rizikon Assurance is a secure online application for helping organisations manage their Third-party risk, and also to securely gather information from their Third parties.  You have probably been given an account because you are a supplier to an organisation that uses Rizikon Assurance.

Rizikon Assurance provides online questionnaires and other features to help speed up and simplify the process of gathering and reviewing information and documents from Third parties such as yourselves.  It also makes such activity more scalable and secure than sending out PDFs or other files via email.

Assessments & Question Sets

Rizikon Assurance supports many different question sets or Assessments, including those specified by our Customers. These are the questions that the Customer wants you to complete as part of their Third-party due diligence activity. 

They can cover any topic such as basic company details, cyber security, GDPR, quality, standards, certifications, anti-bribery & corruption and modern slavery.

Assessment scoring and workflow


Rizikon Assurance supports automated scoring of Assessments, which is checked and approved by a specific Assessor within the Customer organisation. 

It also supports the workflow between Completer (you) and the Assessors so that questions, issues and non-compliant responses can be dealt with efficiently.