Automated Pass/Fail Estimation

Rizikon will automatically assess the likelihood of your organisation passing Cyber Essentials - before you start the application process. This means you can see whether you are likely to pass Cyber Essentials before you submit for assessment.

The automated assessment also identifies why your organisation has failed, and by how much, so you can ensure you have the best chance of success before you submit your answers for Cyber Essentials certification.

customised Cyber Essentials actions

Rizikon provides a customised list of Cyber Essentials actions detailing the areas for improvement in your organisation. Theses actions are specifically designed to meet the Cyber Essentials requirements - meaning you can take action, and ensure your organisation has the best chance of success before you submit your answers for certification.

Rizikon also provides a benchmark for successful applications, so you can see whether your organisation meets the requirements for achieving successful certification.

Streamlined Certification process

Once your organisation is ready for Cyber Essentials, you can submit the answers for assessment directly through Rizikon. We will then contact you with the results of your application as soon as they have been assessed by the examiner.

The streamlined assessment and application process means you can complete your entire Cyber Essentials certification process (from filling in the questions to receiving certification) in less than one week.



Additional guidance on request

If you require additional help in implementing the Cyber Essentials advice provided by Rizikon, or if there are specific circumstances in your organisation that you would like advice on,  we can provide an additional service of supporting your organisation through the Cyber Essentials process. 

An experienced consultant will guide your organisation through the process, providing a detailed assessment on the specific needs of your organisation.

We will also provide free re-submission within 48 hours, in case your application is unsuccessful. During that time our consultant will work with you to resolve any issues identified during the first assessment.