How does Rizikon keep my data safe?

The security and of data held in Rizikon has always been one of our primary design considerations - See our Privacy and Security page for details.

Do I need technical experience to use Rizikon?

Rizikon is designed to allow non-technical users to answer most of the questions within Rizikon. If your organisation outsources your IT support or maintenance, you may require some help from your IT providers - however we expect most users to be able to fill in the questionnaire without assistance.

How long does it take to complete the questionnaire?

The Rizikon questionnaire length depends on the complexity of your organisation and how much of the information you have to hand. We expect that an individual with good awareness of their organisation's infrastructure and  policies can complete the questionnaire in under 30 minutes. For more complex organisations where the information needs to be reviewed, or if it is held by multiple people, completing the questionnaire could take 1-2 hours.

I'm interested in rizikon, but have custom requirements - Is this possible?

Rizikon is designed for flexibility - this means we can customise certain features for partners with specialised requirements (e.g. custom question sets, white labelling, custom reports, etc.). If your organisation would like to use Rizikon as a partner - please contact us so we can discuss your requirements

I have a question that does not appear in this list

If you have a question that is not covered in this FAQ, please get in touch via our contact page - we are always happy to answer any question you might have.