Understand GDPR 

Rizikon provides a summarised version of GDPR that is customised to the responsibilities of your organisation. The GDPR overview provides a clear, easy to understand summary of your responsibilities, the rights of data subjects, and what GDPR means for your organisation.  This allows you to understand how GDPR will affect your organisation, and start acting to manage your responsibilities.

Identify your GDPR obligations

In addition to the high level overview, Rizikon provides detailed breakdowns of each section of GDPR; how data subject rights will affect you, and the information you need to manage your GDPR responsibilities. 

All information is provided in non-technical language, meaning you don't have to be a data protection expert to start understanding your GDPR obligations. 


A Structured plan for GDPR

Rizikon provides a structured plan of action for GDPR - divided in 6 manageable steps. By following the GDPR project plan outlined in Rizikon, you can start preparing your organisation to be ready for GDPR. At each step Rizikon provides a breakdown of the necessary actions, meaning you can start GDPR preparation without delay.

Detailed actions for GDPR compliance

Each high level section of the GDPR project plan is broken down into detailed actionable sections, with specific advice on what you need to do. The GDPR project plan, in combination with the GDPR Overview, allows your organisation to act quickly and efficientily - to ensure minimal disruption when preparing for GDPR.