Getting started with rizikon assurance


This guide aims to help first time users with getting started on their first assessment. This guide will explain what Rizikon Assurance is, what you need to do, and the process for completing an assessment. This guide is intended for “Suppliers”, this means the users who provide the answers for an assessment. If an organisation has asked you to complete an assessment using Rizikon, they are referred to as an “Assessor” or "Manager".

This guide is structured using the following sections:


- Activating your Rizikon account

- Logging in to Rizikon

- Answering your assessment

- Receiving assessor feedback

If you have a question about Rizikon that doesn't fit into one of these categories, please see our FAQ.

What is Rizikon Assurance?

Rizikon Assurance.jpg

Rizikon Assurance is an assessment management system. This means Rizikon is used to keep track of assessments, and to ensure that assessments are tracked, answered, reviewed, and returned as efficiently as possible.

For managers, Rizikon Assurance allows them to keep track of large numbers assessments and monitor the progress of assessments.

For assessors, Rizikon Assurance helps them provide fast & accurate feedback,  and support users through the assessment process.

For suppliers, Rizikon Assurance will allow you to complete the assessments that have been assigned to you, upload comments and attachments to support your answers, delegate questions, and receive feedback on your answers.

To get started with Rizikon Assurance, you should have received an account activation email. The account activation email will be covered in the next section of this guide.