Keeping your account safe

To keep your account safe, there are several steps that you can take when setting up your Rizikon account

Do not share your password with someone else

Sharing passwords with other people increases the chance your password will be stolen or revealed

Use a different password for every website

If your data is stolen from any of the sites you use and your passwords are the same, attackers may try to use your stolen passwords to access your other accounts.

Do not make your password obvious

Choose your password carefully; don’t make it too short or easy. Don’t use your child or pet’s name, birthdays or anything else that can easily be guessed.

Try not to write your password down

Avoid writing passwords down if possible. Passwords should never be stored somewhere that they can be easily read by other people.

Don’t recycle passwords

Passwords should not be too similar to previous passwords, e.g. changing  “Passwordexample2” to “Passwordexample3”

Enable two-factor authentication

Wherever possible you should enable two-factor authentication. You should enable two-factor authentication not only for your Rizikon account, but also your associated email account if possible. Two-factor authentication will help keep your account secure even if an attacker discovers your password.


To view more information on security in Rizikon, please see our Security Centre