Rizikon Assurance

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Third party risk is increasingly coming under more scrutiny by Internal Audit Committees, Boards, and Regulators. Existing Assurance processes for managing this risk are often outdated, insecure, and struggle to deal with the increasingly large numbers of third parties that need to be assessed.

To solve this problem, we have combined our core Rizikon risk assessment and automated analysis tools with an enterprise grade management interface, to create a solution to managing third party cyber-risk: Rizikon Assurance.


Fast Assessment, Immediate results

We have designed our assessments to be as simple as possible. This means internal users or Third Parties can complete an intelligent assessment, asking only the relevant questions, and start viewing the automated report right away.

With secure, integrated messaging and evidence systems between Third parties and Assessors, put an end to the long email chains, unattached evidence and delays.


Effective security, made easy

With Rizikon Assurance, our digital assessments and reports are are available through a secure login portal, meaning you don't have to insecurely email over forms and sensitive business information.

Data is securely held in an encrypted state, but is also readily available for as long as you need.  It is both secure and auditable.


Compliance doesn't have to be difficult - Rizikon provides a customised non-technical overview to help you understand your organisations obligations.

Start your GDPR compliance process using Rizikon's customised action list based on the specific data processing requirements of your organisation. With clear, actionable advice, Rizikon can help make your GDPR compliance process efficient and effective. 


Security certification can often feel like a burden - too much paperwork, not enough time.

Rizikon is designed for fast and effective certification. Our Cyber Essentials Annex provides an automated assessment of whether your organisation is likely to achieve certification and a customised action list of requirements to help you achieve certification. 

This means your application is faster, easier, and more likely to get results.