Fast Assessment, Immediate results

Rizikon assessments start by creating a profile of your organisation. To build your profile, we ask various questions about your organisation, policies, and practices. 

We have designed our questionnaires to be as simple as possible, this means you can complete a questionnaire in as less than 30 minutes, and start viewing the results as soon as possible.


Effective security, made easy

You shouldn't have to be an expert to have good security.

With Rizikon, all our reports are written in clear, easy to understand language. Rizikon report provides clear, accessible, prioritised advice that lets you focus on what matters: your business.

The Rizikon questionnaire can be completed in under 30 minutes, providing immediate, targeted advice - specific to your organisation.


Compliance doesn't have to be difficult - Rizikon provides a customised non-technical overview to help you understand your organisations obligations.

Start your GDPR compliance process using Rizikon's customised action list based on the specific data processing requirements of your organisation. With clear, actionable advice, Rizikon can help make your GDPR compliance process efficient and effective. 


Security certification can often feel like a burden - too much paperwork, not enough time.

Rizikon is designed for fast and effective certification. Our Cyber Essentials Annex provides an automated assessment of whether your organisation is likely to achieve certification and a customised action list of requirements to help you achieve certification. 

This means your application is faster, easier, and more likely to get results.