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RIZIKON Standard

£500 + VAT/Year


  • 1 year subscription to Rizikon

  • DAPA Cyber Risk Rating

  • Cyber Risk Analysis

  • Prioritised Advisory statements

  • Cyber Essentials Compliance pre-check (automated, indicative only)

  • GDPR readiness assessment

Rizikon provides Organisations with vital information and action plans about Cyber Risk, Cyber Essentials and readiness for GDPR for one year.

It is regularly updated with new threat and vulnerability information, cyber security best practice and new regulations.

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Assisted cyber essentials*

PRICE on REquest


  • Cyber Essentials Assessment via Independent Assessor (includes application fee)

  • Cyber Essentials Compliance pre-check (by experienced Consultant)

  • Telephone and email support (2 weeks) covering;

    • Questionnaire completion guidance

    • Application readiness check

    • Re-assessment support

    • Liaison with Assessor

  • Free re-assessment within 2 days of results

To improve the chances of obtaining Cyber Essentials, it is advisable to get some direct help with the application.  This service allows for up to two weeks of email and telephone support to get the Cyber Essentials application as likely to succeed as possible and directly supports the assessment process - including liaison with the Independent Assessor.  This service does not include any remediation work.

*Requires Rizikon Subscription

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Rizikon Assurance

PRICE on REquest


  • Access to the library of standard assessments, including;

    • GDPR Data Processor

    • Modern Slavery

    • Anti-Bribery and Corruption

    • Onboarding; and more.

  • A dedicated assurance portal, customised with your own branding.

  • Dedicated telephone and email support for technical assistance.

Rizikon Assurance simplifies and speeds up assurance processes with easy-to-use secure forms, automated risk scoring, automated chasing and reminding. Rizikon provides Supply-chain assurance KPIs and metrics, putting you in control while you scale up without needing additional resources.