Improving third-party Assurance

Third party risk is increasingly coming under more scrutiny by Internal Audit Committees, Boards, and Regulators. Existing Assurance processes for managing this risk are often outdated, insecure, and struggle to deal with the increasingly large numbers of third parties that need to be assessed.

To solve this problem, we have combined our core Rizikon risk assessment and automated analysis tools with an enterprise grade management interface, to create a solution to managing third party cyber-risk: Rizikon Assurance

RA scope graphic.png

Benefits of Rizikon Assurance


  • Streamlined issuing and reviewing of Assessments 
  • Automated algorithmic assessments to support Assessors 
  • Secure evidence and messaging between Third parties and Assessors
  • Automated reminders for re-assessments
  • Automated chasing for later Third parties

Improved Assurance Management

  • Assurance Dashboard shows important Assurance KPIs and allows drilling into problem areas
  • Third-party and assessment data is centrally held, making it easy to identify problematic Third Parties, Assessors, Assessments
  • Easy access detailed assessment records, see all answers, evidence, discussion, and previous submissions for all assessments

Improved Standardisation and Targeting

  • Flexible, intelligent assessments - for both internal and Third-party completion
  • Standards-based and custom question sets and marking schemes to choose from


Interested in hearing More?

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